Betway and Questionable Publicity

Posted: 30/11/17 Methods of Online Casino Payment Options Increasing Online gambling operator Betway has been getting a lot of undesired attention lately; the company has come under fire after appearing several times in Paradise Papers. In this massive leak of discoveries, names related to the global gambling industry have come up, and Betway in particular.

Paradise papers has shed light into the tax havens of powerful individuals and companies, and how avoiding the tax burden is happening at the expense of the rest.[...] Read More

Safe Deposits and Withdrawal Methods at Online Casinos UK

Posted: 22/11/17 Methods of Online Casino Payment Options Increasing Online casino culture has taken off at a phenomenal rate. With the introduction of mobile casino and Live Casino games, there has been an even more clear departure from land-based casinos for UK players.

Although UK online casino players are typically digitally savvy, there can be concerns in relation to online payment. For the majority of consumers, online transactions are now a common aspect of our daily lives.[...] Read More

Methods of Online Casino Payment Options Increasing

Posted: 27/10/17 Methods of Online Casino Payment Options Increasing Online casino payment options are steadily becoming more and more varied for online casino users who are departing from traditional bank transfers and focusing on e-money Modern day lifestyle requires us to occasionally if not often, perform online transactions. Initially, this was a daunting task for those who were inexperienced in the digital era. Now, it has become just another part of everyday life for UK consumers[...] Read More

Online Casino Gamification

Posted: 24/10/17 Online Casino Gamification In today’s fast-paced, ever-advancing world, how do businesses maintain the interest of their customers, while also growing their base? One of the most effective ways is gamification. Gamification is the process of applying elements that are typically found in game playing to your business. Think point scoring, loyalty rewards, competitions, etc. Basically what gamification does, is it adds value to what the business offers, while encouraging engagement and loyalty. In the case of online casinos, gamification is a natural fit, as game playing is already built into their DNA. Moreover, as competition is incredibly tough in this industry, player retention is extremely important: online casino gamification is an effective way to achieve just that…let’s take a closer look![...] Read More

Choose Between iOS and Android for Mobile Casinos

Posted: 21/10/17 Choose Between iOS and Android for Mobile Casinos

Android v iOS

Online casinos have taken the world by storm. In particular, the UK market has an exceptional fondness for all things casino. With the introduction of Live Casino games and mobile casinos, there has been a clear move from land casinos. The competition between mobile software Android and iOS is as prominent as the battle between online and land casinos. The ongoing rivalry means newbies to the online casino scene are constantly asking, which is better? [...] Read More

Four New Slots Available at Video Slots Casino

Posted: 19/10/17 Four New Slots Available at Video Slots Casino

Video Slots Casino is known for regularly adding new games in its selection. The four most recent slots are definitely worth mentioning, as they are bringing something new to the players, in terms of entertainment, graphics and bonus features.

Aesthetics in Ten Elements

This slot was developed by Red Tiger Gaming, and is visually a very interesting game. Ten Elements comes with an oriental theme, and due to the colorful graphics, we consider it to be one of the best-looking games released recently. The slot has 40 paylines and further wilds have been added in the reels as an additional bonus feature. The game also comes with a downside, which is its slightly lower return to player percentage of 95.47%.[...] Read More

Software Developer Playtech Online Casinos Acquire Responsible Gaming Platform BetBuddy

Posted: 16/10/17 Software Developer Playtech Online Casinos Renowned online casino software developer Playtech has strengthened its responsible gambling principle since purchasing the ‘behavioural identification and modification platform’, BetBuddy. Reinforcing their responsible gambling ethics to the player. The acquisition of BetBuddy by Playtech will reassure UK players they’re engaged in a safe and secure environment. Analytics and insights used by BetBuddy build information on the player and deliver it back to the gamer and operator to provide both with innovative interventions such as personalising the marketing strategies[...] Read More

5 Ways the Online Casino Industry are Enhancing the Gaming Experience

Posted: 10/10/17 5 Ways the Online Casino Industry are Enhancing the Gaming Experience 5 Way Online Casinos are Changing the Way They do Business

The online casino marketing geniuses see the stiff competition engulfing the current UK market. Although online casinos have reached an all-time high in popularity, the competition has risen with that influx of users.

The aim is to beat their competitors and entice those first-time depositors to make them recurring visitors or registered account holders. Making improvements on an already ever-dynamic industry is necessary to hit the top of the leader board for online casinos. An exceptional example is the introduction of Live Casino games. UK casino players in particular welcomed the presence of a real-time croupier featuring at their favourite online table games with open arms[...] Read More

UKGC strategies to enhance online casino experience

Posted: 06/10/17 UKGC strategies to enhance online casino experience The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has released its new three-year plan that consists of five major points. Although the UKGC is fully aware of online casinos use and status among the public, it is adamant a healthy balance must be struck to protect problem players. This will encompass all forms of gambling including new online casinos.[...] Read More