The Right Online Video Poker Strategy Your approach to your video poker strategy is based on the variation you choose to play. There are loads of options at online casinos, too, including: • Jacks or Better • Deuces Wild • Bonus Poker • Joker’s Wild and more Before you pick a game, make sure you […]

4 Online Slots to Give You the Spooks If you love the sound of online slots with a bit of a macabre edge, here are some spooky slots that will appeal to your darker side and offer impressive jackpots too! 1. Halloween This Microgaming title has featured in many a top slot games list. The […]

How to Use Your Debit Card at Online Casinos Besides being a highly safe method, using your debit card to play your favourite casino games and deposit money into your player account is easy. Simply head over to your preferred casino, create an account, enter the card’s details and the transaction will be instant. That […]

What You Need to Know About Live Blackjack If you’re a fan of casino games, you’ve probably tried online blackjack at some point. And, you’ve probably felt that it’s more like a video game rather than the real deal. That’s because everything from the scenery to the sound and the dealer are presented to you […]

How Does The UK Regulate Online Casinos? Over the past decade, the online casino industry has exploded in the UK. This is partly due to the popularity of online gaming, and partly due to the laws that regulate online casinos in the country being fairly straight forward compared to other countries. Security at Online Casinos […]

Jacks or Better – A Look at Video Poker 6 September is National Video Poker Day. Today, we look at one of the more popular options offered by online casinos – Jacks or Better video poker. The Basics of Video Poker The easiest way to explain the game is in five simple steps: • You […]

Why Casinos Love Online Baccarat – And Fear It! While many people think that poker is the number one casino game in the world, you cannot discredit online baccarat. The card game where both player and dealer get to make choices, along with cards valued in a point system, remains just as popular as its […]

  Is Bitcoin or Ethereum Better for Online Casino Play? Online casino gaming is one industry that has truly embraced the concept of digital currency. So, between Bitcoin and Ethereum, which is best suited to the world of online gaming? Let’s take a look. Online Casino Gaming and Cryptocurrencies Firstly, Bitcoin, as the first ever […]

Pipeliner By Merkur A very unusual and entertaining game, like Tetris in some ways, Pipeliner slot games has five hexagonal shaped reels and one hundred and seventy-four paylines. Not a traditional slot game in the sense that there are no spinning reels, here the mechanics function on a whole different platform. In this quirky game, […]

The Birth Of The Slot Machine During the 1980’s the first real progressive slot games were developed. Up until then, Big Bertha was in charge. A massive eight reel slot with twenty symbols on each reel, and powered by a two stroke motor, Big Bertha was big! She occupied several metres of floor space and […]