UK Online Gaming News – Microgaming One of the Coolest Offices in the UK?

Ever wondered what the inside of a popular gaming developer’s offices looks like? Well, if you’re in the UK online gaming industry, and you’re Microgaming, your UK offices have made it onto the top 10 list of coolest offices in the country. In fact, the UK wing of Microgaming boasts an entire floor just dedicated to staff taking a break for their everyday duties, complete with darts, table tennis, a pool table and so much more.

While most of you will know about Microgaming through their incredible portfolio of online casino games, slots and life-changing progressive jackpots, not too many of us are part of the inner circle that get to know what the company looks like from within. But, we’ve been given the chance to pull back the curtains as the company made it to the list of top 10 coolest offices in the UK in 2017.

UK Online Gaming Not a Bad Deal for Microgaming Employees

It’s not easy to make this list of Top 10 Coolest Offices in the country. And when a company does, you can rest assured they’re pretty chuffed. So, it goes to show that Microgaming do pay special attention to creating a comfortable, friendly and fun working environment to ensure their staff are satisfied, happy and look forward to getting up for work.

Wondering just how difficult it is to make it on the list? Consider this: other companies included major game players like the health and beauty chain, Superdrug, massive food delivery company, Deliveroo, and none other than Amazon.

A Look Inside Microgaming’s Offices in the UK

Microgaming’s new UK headquarters opened just a short while ago. The five-storey building took about 24 months to complete and inside you will find 120 employees who spend their days dreaming up, designing and delivering some of the very best online slots and other casino games in the industry.

The entire fourth floor in the building is dedicated to rest and relaxation where employees can take a break from their desks. Microgaming actually encourages frequent breaks throughout the day. In this communal area, employees can have a game of darts, a round of pool and even a quick game of table tennis. There’s also a library for those who prefer to immerse themselves in a good read.

But, that’s not all. There is an on-site gym available to all employees, and a canteen where you can grab a rather exclusive Microgaming blend of coffee.

Microgaming’s Chief Financial Officer, John Coleman, has reportedly acknowledged that it is a great privilege to have been featured on the Top 10 list and that it is a good indication that all the time spent creating and planning an inspiring, enticing work environment was well worth the investment.

We wonder if the employees get to play online slots and games to their heart’s content during their breaks and not just as part and parcel of the job? We’d wager they do!