How to Beat the Odds at Slot Games

The slot machine remains one of the most popular ways to gamble online today. Surprisingly, with something that needs absolutely no skill to win, making millions have never been so much fun.

The Birth Of The Slot Machine

During the 1980’s the first real progressive slot games were developed. Up until then, Big Bertha was in charge. A massive eight reel slot with twenty symbols on each reel, and powered by a two stroke motor, Big Bertha was big! She occupied several metres of floor space and cost one hundred and fifty thousand Dollars to assemble. She was demanding and needed two attendants to keep watch and pay players who won. But the biggest problem with Big Bertha was that her odds were ridiculously high, around one billion to one and players got bored quickly.

Enter the video poker machine and Si Redd. An American businessman, and rightsholder of the video poker machine. While he was working hard at developing these machines, a computer programmer, Inge Telnaes was creating a virtual reel that would allow many more reel combinations. Mr Redds innovation coupled with Mz. Telnaes’s invention revolutionised the world of slots. This was the first time in history where the average American could enjoy a casino game with absolutely no experience or skill needed for a chance to win a big jackpot. Less than a year after the progressive jackpot was launched on Megabucks, a gambler in Nevada pocketed almost five million Dollars on one lucky spin.

How to beat the odds

Most players don’t understand how to win at the slots. This is possibly because of negative assumption that no strategies are needed to win. Of course, luck plays a large part of winning. The fact is that every spin is totally random, and the sequence of the symbols cannot be influenced. Although the slot machine is designed to favour the house, there are a few tricks you can use to better your chances of winning.

Money makes money, spend your money wisely!