New Exciting Games to be Launched by Nintendo in June This Year

After years of speculation surrounding the Nintendo Switch, formerly Nintendo NX, has been released and it is paving the way for many new exciting and fun-filled games.

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, Available June 5

A modern-day take on the classic beat ’em up, this game has hundreds of moves and battle techniques, and an arsenal of weapons guaranteed to take on thousands of enemies. Battle bosses in dynamic arenas, master cool finishing moves and play with your buddies in COOP mode or against each other in player vs player combat.

Shape of the World, Available June 6

If you are a fan of colours and shapes, this game will be just what you need! Shape of the World is a game related to a generated world shaped around your interaction. It’s an organic and mysterious eco-system that changes every time you play. Explore the game in a surreal, organic world that reacts to your presence. Journey through the colourful ecosystem field with flowers, waterfalls, expanding mountains, glowing monoliths and graceful creatures.

The Banner Saga 2, Available June 7

A sandbox game, or a game that has minimal character limitations allowing a gamer to roam free and change a virtual world at will, in which players create cube-shaped worlds that produce diverse and unique lifeforms. Players can change the geography, alter the temperatures and create the birth of an entire ecosystem.

Mario Tennis Aces, Available June 22

The game opens with a tutorial that explains every shot on offer. Besides the standard topspin, flat, slice, lob and drop shot that all tennis games need, Mario Tennis Aces also has several other options, all of which are related in one way or another to something called the Energy Gauge.

Lumines Remastered, Available June 26

While the finer details of Lumines Remastered are still a mystery, the famous puzzle game produced by legendary creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi arrives soon! HD remasters of the original game, this is a game that marries the elements of sound, light and puzzle action in an easy to play the game.

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, Available June 29

Preserving the nostalgia of the original Crash Bandicoot is what will make this game very popular. With luscious tropical forests, water that shifts as it’s waded through, and our favourite marsupial who has been enhanced and entranced, this game is sure to be a winner.

Trailblazers, Launch Date June, No Official Date Yet

It has now been confirmed that the game will showcase cross-platform multiplayer, which means players will be able to compete together on other systems. According to the game’s Steam page, cross-platform play links PC/Mac/Linux players to either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One/Nintendo Switch players.

Mario Rabbids Donkey Kong Adventure, Launch Date June, No Official Date Yet

A turn-based, or a game whereby players take turns when playing, strategy adventure game, and Donkey Kong has been patiently waiting for his turn to join in on the action. When Ubisoft began work on Donkey Kong as a playable character for Kingdom Battle they knew they had an opportunity to play around with some exciting new abilities. So, they gave him some fun new tricks that add an entirely new layer of strategy to an already superb tactics game.