Online Casino Gaming Laws Around the Globe

Not all online casino gaming laws are created equal. In America, for instance, the rise and fall of poker sites since the beginning on the twenty-first century still baffle players and operators alike. Yet, there are those countries that have provided exceptional, clear regulations for online casino players to play their favourite games, be it slots, poker, blackjack or bingo as often as they like with great emphasis on player safety. Below, we take a look a some of the most solid regulations in countries around the globe.

Online Casino Gaming Laws in the UK

Some of the biggest online casino gaming companies continue to operate out of the UK, even though most licenses are held in tax-havens such as the Channel Islands and Gibraltar. The UK gaming market has been operating legally for decades. But, the 2005 Gambling Act had a big impact on the industry when it brought deregulation across the board.
Today, the online casino industry continues to thrive in the country, with around 35% of all revenue coming from the iGaming sector. Players in the UK enjoy loads of freedom online, with emphasis placed on self-regulation when it comes to deposit limits and timeouts.

Regulations in Australia

Australians are some of the biggest gaming punters in the world. Yet, they’ve not really embraced the online market with quite as much excitement as other countries.
Just like New Zealand, Australia has imposed some restriction on the iGaming market, especially in terms of where operators are based. One particularly big hit came about with the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act which restricts the operating and marketing of gambling companies based in Australia. Yet, Aussie players can get around that by joining online casinos that are based outside of the country. It is legal for players to sign up to such sites.

New Zealand Regulations

New Zealand has a rather interesting iGaming market. Online casino gaming is legal in the country, provided the operators aren’t based in New Zealand. This regulation has caused some of the bigger players in the industry to enjoy a large piece of the New Zealand online casino market pie.
Kiwis enjoy all the usual types of games, such as roulette and slots along with the popular card games.

Online Gaming Laws in Canada

It’s been reported that there are up to 1,400 online casino gaming companies that operate in Canada. That’s a pretty good number for a country without about 10% of the population in America. In Canada, online casino gaming is legal in every state. But, there is a small amount of restriction when it comes to local casinos acquiring licenses.
For the big players in Canada’s world of casinos, the regulations make for a large share of the market. But, the percentage share for online casinos is comparatively smaller at just 5% compared to playing in land-based casinos or even playing the lottery in Canada. Nevertheless, the country’s laws are friendly to Canucks who love nothing more than a great Welcome Bonus or a flirt with Lady Luck.