Online Casinos See Spike in Revenue According to Latest Reports

Online Casinos See Spike in Revenue According to Latest Reports

It’s a well-known fact that online casinos are surpassing their land-casino counterpart. It’s seen exceptional growth and particularly with the introduction of Live Casino games. Casino use has been a past-time for many decades, and although there’s now a departure from the traditional concept, it’s holding its own in the digital world.

Worldwide Phenomenon; Online Casinos

A number of countries littered around the world are dedicated online casino users, the Southern hemisphere countries such as New Zealand and Australia are known for their love of the Pokies (slots) and the UK residents are equally fanatic about online casinos. This has been confirmed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) with recent reports on the growth and spike in revenue. The UK gambling market has spiked in revenue by 10% since last year’s figures. The industry reached an all-time high by hitting a £13.7 billion margin. These figures reveal that revenue has risen by 1.8% from April 2016 to March 2017.

Combined Revenue Sees Massive Growth for Casinos

The constant developments in technology means gamers can enjoy online casinos that are higher definition, cleaner graphics and even Live Casino games. This offers a real land casino experience without ever venturing outside the house. Gamers once flocked to one of the 146 land casinos located in the UK. Paired with these casinos, a further 8500 betting shops were registered in the UK, which have seen a decrease of 4% in the past year. In sharp contrast, online casino use is booming. The sites across the UK have made a combined revenue of almost £5 billion, which is a 10% increase on last year’s figures.

What’s Next for Online Casinos

It’s long been believed that online casinos are the way forward and the next big thing. Turns out they were right. With the growth in revenue showing staggering results, there’s only room for improvement. New developments are created each day, with VR casino games next on the list, you can expect exciting things for your online casino gaming experience. Now, UK casino gamers are waiting for the introduction of more no deposit casinos. This would allow for players to enjoy the games at minimal risk but with huge opportunities to win.