UK Online Gamers – Do You Fit the Profile?

Opinium Sports & Leisure, a strategic insight agency in the UK has released a study of the gambling market in its country. The study looked at 1,500 adults across the verticals of casinos, bingo and sports betting. The results were interesting and paint a clear picture of who UK online gamers are.

The UK is home to arguably one of the most vigorous and competitive gambling markets on this planet. While it may have a relatively developed nature, the market continues to attract both punters and operators en masse. The strategic insight company took it upon itself to study the UK gambling market scrutinising online casino and online sports betting customers and their preferences.

Thanks to a surge in TV advertisements in the last 10 years, and spending increasing a whopping £118.5 million in 2015, the online gaming industry is alive and flourishing in the United Kingdom.

Are You One of the Typical UK Online Gamers?

Of 1,500 gamers studied, Opinium found that, overall, most online gambling takes place within the age group of 35 – 54, with males being the predominant gamers. Yet, marketing in this sphere focuses on the 18 – 34 age group.

Gender Preferences

Within the survey, it was found that the highest propensity for gaming is the 35 – 54 demographics, with 34% of UK adults falling into that category. 43% of them have a preference for online casinos.

Men seemed to feature blatantly among all gamblers, with a ratio of 62% to just 38% women. There’s a dramatic reversal when it comes to bingo though, with 78% of players being female. Breaking it down further, 57% of men play online casino games, from slots to poker, and everything in between.

The Demographics for Casino Betting

There were a few overlaps. Let’s break it down:



The poll also found that the average age of UK online gamers was mostly the 18 – 34 age group. This is a lot younger than sports bettors who are mostly 55 years and older, and bingo players that fall into the 55+ age group.

Brand preferences are also interesting, and rather changeable, it seems:



So, what are players looking for in a brand? That’s an easy one – promotions and bonuses. Good reviews, count, too, when looking for a safe and secure online casino.

What Are You Spending?

The study found that UK online gamers are spending around £50 per month on their favourite games.

So, do you fit the bill of a typical gamer? Also, which platform do you prefer – mobile casinos or web-based offerings?