The Best Apps Available for Download to Control Problem Gambling

Gambling is one of those things that can quickly escalate from fun and harmless to an unhealthy obsession. Apps have become a very clever way to solve that problem

In the 1968 classic film “Funny Girl,” the main character’s husband develops a reckless gambling problem causing him to lose their mansion, all their money, and finally, their marriage. Back then it was just a movie but twelve years later, the American Psychiatric Association identified compulsive gambling as a disorder. From one million people back then diagnosed as having a gambling addiction, to between five and eight million today, clearly, it is becoming a problem!

The Ability To Control Your Gambling Behaviour With Technology

Online casino gambling has evolved and changed direction. The launch of a range of iOS and Android Casino Apps have helped many that have that irresistible urge to continue gambling until they have nothing left. Technology has also advanced at such a fast pace and now people can play their favourite games not only on their computer but also on their mobile phones and tablets. It’s become tso easy to get some help. At the click of a button, the gambler can download an App, which they can use to help control that urge.


Gamblers often lose sight as to how much they have already played. The Cost2Play Calculator does just that! Downloadable free for Android, or used online, this tool will help keep track of the long term costs in popular casino games including slots, blackjack and roulette.

Mobile Monitor Your Gambling Urges

The Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario who deal with gambling addiction and mental health created an App that promotes being aware of how much time and money you invest in iGaming. Mobile Monitor Your Gambling & Urges is said to be an educational tool which gathers information and then reports it back to the person. This information includes the date and time they experienced the urge to gamble, the triggers, and their losses and wins. They can also input their feelings, i.e.: what caused them to gamble, and not to gamble and the consequences of their feelings. This App also complements counselling sessions and provides important information to therapists.


Cassava is referred to as a Recovery App as it triggers alerts, a visual journal, and a directory of phone numbers for support anywhere in the United States, Canada, and some international offices. Users can add friends and share meetings, track progress and challenges, and get a daily positive message. It also enables them to track any setbacks, issues or achievements.

Slot Tracker

Very easily downloadable, slot tracker will monitor your games twenty-four hours a day. The information is recorded in a personal console and can be viewed at any time. This Chrome extension monitors the traffic sent back from the casino to the players browser. This information contains the details about bettings, winnings and bonus information.

Reality Check

Designed exclusively for online gaming with the Sky box Set, Reality Check is set to the users account to remind them how long they have been playing. This helps them manage the time they give to the games. It is very user friendly. With Reality Check you can select a time frame and a pop up will remind the user that the time is up and its game over! Any active spins or incomplete Bingo games will be completed and a transaction history available to view. The player then decides if they wish to continue playing or not.