The Biggest Casino Roulette Wins Throughout History

Casino gambling is an enigma. We all know the house always wins at the end, but we also know that through sheer luck we can beat the house, and despite the odds against winning, some people walk away with a fortune.

Charles Wells, The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo

Charles Wells was a shady small-time crook who enjoyed gambling. One night in 1891, he played roulette at the Monte Carlo Casino Resort. Fuelled by an incredible streak of luck, he managed to win most of the spins and broke the bank. That night he won close to a million French Francs. A while later he decided to return to the Hotel to play again. Once again, with pure luck on his side, he walked away with another million Francs. Apparently, this money was not enough for him as he continued his shady scams and was eventually thrown into prison for eight years. Wells passed away in 1922 alone and completely broke. To this day no one knows what happened to his millions, but he left behind a legacy, a once popular song called The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo.

Ashley Revell, It Took Just a Few Seconds To Double His Money

In 2004 Mr Revell decided it was time to make some changes in his life. He sold everything he possessed, including his clothes, and went to Vegas. With everything he owned now safely is his wallet, he sat at the roulette table and wagered it all on red. He doubled his one hundred and thirty five thousand Dollars on a single spin. With his winnings he started a Poker Company and later a site called iGaming Recruitment which helps people find job at online casinos. The story inspired so many people, including a TV crew and a miniseries was created called Double or Nothing.

Joseph Jagger, The Man Who Never Entered A Casino Again

Joseph Jagger worked as a mechanical operator and had enough knowledge of machines to know how they worked. On one inspired day, he went to the Casino in Monte Carlo and bribed six of the clerks to let him have all the results of the roulette wheel for two weeks. On inspection of the numbers he noticed one of the wheels tended to land on the same numbers repeatedly. Over the next few days he took advantage of the biased wheel and won more than three hundred and seventy five Dollars. The casino caught wind of what was going on and removed the faulty wheel, but Mr Jagger did not care because he had won enough to quit his job and invest in a business. To this day he never entered a casino again!

Sean Connery, Diamonds Are Forever

Sean Connery was a gambling enthusiast long before he said the famous words “..Bond, James Bond”. He grew up in working class Edinburgh doing heavy manual labour for a living to support his family. In 1963 he went to a casino in Saint-Vincent, Italy, where he bet various times on the number seventeen. The first two spins gave no result but being a persistent fellow, won on his third attempt. He wagered all his money on the same number and won again, leaving the table with twenty seven thousand Dollars. Not bad seeing as the odds of this happening three times in a row are 1 to 40653! Many years later Sean Connery hit number seventeen again, but this time he was playing James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever.