The Most Loved Online Casino Games of All Time

There’s no denying that online casinos have increased the popularity of casino games significantly, not to mention helped operators reach new markets. The growth of the industry showcases just how technology can shape a market and make it even more innovative. So, which online casino games do players love the most?

Popular Online Casino Games

1. Slots

Just like in land-based casinos, online slots are popular with both desktop and mobile players. With hundreds of different immersive slots available and a variety of paylines and reels, online slots continue to hold the number one position of most favoured games. They’re easy to get the hang of, offer exciting wins and loads of fun.

2. Blackjack

Online blackjack also remains a stable favourite. Statistics show that the game accounts for more than 30 percent of online table game action. Blackjack offers high payouts and a good amount of skill which appeals to the imagination of online players. The bonuses and promotions most online casino operators offer, such as joining bonuses, free play mode and more help to keep this game in the top rankings.

3. Poker Games

Poker also comes in a wide array of variations. Online poker offers three main gaming experiences, though, including live poker, video poker and electronic poker. Today’s poker games make up around 20 percent of online table game popularity. Variations such as Pai Gow Poker and 3 Card Poker continue to soar in popularity, providing incredible rewards and even progressive jackpots in some instances.

4. Roulette

Roulette offers high payouts and fantastic online gaming fun. Most operators offer several varieties of roulette, giving players the choice to play against the house or even via a live dealer. Most varieties of online roulette offer multiple betting options such as split bet, street bet and corner bet.

5. Baccarat

Baccarat is also a highly popular card game with its variation, Punto Banco, favoured in countries such as the United Kingdom, Macau, Australia and the United States. Baccarat, however, accounts for nearly 10 percent of online table game fun around the globe. In some countries, the game is the most favoured online casino game, with many online casino operators offering side bets to players and a high house edge. Baccarat takes less strategy and is more about having Lady Luck on your side.

Which Is Your Favourite Online Casino Game?

The success of the above 5 online casino games contributes significantly to the rise and rise of the online casino market around the world. Other games that are favoured include craps and bingo, with casual games and even online scratch cards rapidly growing traction.
Slots, however, remain in the top spot as a favourite the world over. With so many different themes, variations, exceptional graphics and even greater gameplay, not to mention the production of virtual reality slots on the horizon, we’re sure that of all the online casino games around, slots will remain a firm favourite with players.