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Enjoy New Online Casino Roulette at Our Recommended Sites

Many people associate this classic table game with the elegance and extravagance of a luxury casino. Luckily UK players no longer have to spend a fortune getting to Vegas to take a spin on the wheel. Recently, Online Roulette has gained a major following. Our expert team has carefully researched and hand-picked the best sites to play Roulette. Some of our sites include Sportingbet, Hello Casino and Lucky 247. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s set the wheel in motion.

Real Money Roulette

Online casinos often give you free spins as part of a welcome package or to entice the player to place a few more bets. These free bets don’t necessarily allow the player to withdraw any actual winnings, they’re fictional winnings that only appear on the sidebar to show you what you could be winning if you played with real money. Here at Top New Online Casinos, we know it’s real money Roulette games that UK players are searching for. To come out with actual winnings, stick to renowned casinos like the ones we’ve recommended. They offer great bonuses in their welcome packages and to recurring players. Taking advantage of those free spins can also help your strategy and Roulette game, it gives you a little time to learn how to make the big bucks. Check out Live Roulette games for the chance to win big, where real croupiers will spin the wheel for you in real time.

Dive into the Interactive World of Live Roulette

With the online casino industry growing rapidly on a daily basis, companies are constantly trying to outdo their competitors. The introduction of Live Casinos has increased the number of players using online casinos to try experience the closest thing possible to a land-based casino. Table games are now being played in live game mode and this includes Roulette. These games are being delivered by top software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech. When playing Roulette at one of the many Live Casinos we recommend, you’ll be placing your bets in the company of a live croupier and other punters all through your device interface. These factors add to the excitement and sociability that’s more often associated with land-based casinos. You no longer have to save up for that pricey ticket to Vegas.

How to Play Online Roulette

A lot of the UK players at Top New Online casino are confident at playing Roulette, but some are newbies or looking to refresh their knowledge. Because of this we’ve put together some advice that can be used before diving into your first game of Roulette at one of our chosen sites, such as Betway casino, Xtip and Casino of Dreams.

All the excitement that comes from Roulette is from that little ball that sets the game into motion. So, let’s get down to business.


  • To kick-start the game, you must place your stake on a number and colour you think the ivory ball will land on.
  • There is nothing stopping you from placing a number of bets on the Roulette table, you can choose a selection of numbers or decide to bet on all of the one colour.
  • Once you’ve placed your wager, the croupier will set the ball into motion
  • What’s the outcome? If you win, then you can choose to walk away with your winnings or pull the ‘letting it ride’ move.
  • Letting it ride means you’re hoping to win more in the next game and leaving what you’ve won on the table.
  • Each player will use different coloured ‘chips’. This way if two punters wager on the same number the dealer can tell them apart, avoiding any potential disagreements.


Roulette Rules

It’s no surprise that Roulette is popular, it’s simple, straight-forward and fun. There is also very little to learn about the game. It all boils down to whether you’re placing an inside or outside wager. What’s the difference? Take a look;

  • Outside Bets – These are the bets wagered on the outer section of the table
  • Even/Odd Bet – Placing a bet on either all odd or even numbers
  • Low/High Bet – When you place a wager on low numbers (1-18) or high numbers (19-36)
  • Bets on Dozen – Placing a bet on one of three groups from 12 numbers
  • Column Bets – Betting on a full column of numbers on the table
  • Inside Bets – Placing an inside bet means you are choosing a number(s) that is inside of the betting area. Here, you get to choose a single number or a line between numbers. Placing a wager between numbers is commonly referred to as a combination bet and includes anything from two and six numbers.
  • Straight Up – Placing a bet on a single number
  • Split – Placing a bet on two numbers that are connected horizontally or vertically on the board
  • Line Bet – The combination bet that has two connecting rows wrapping six numbers
  • Corner Bet – Placing a stake on any four connecting numbers in a square on the board
  • Street Bet – Bet on three horizontal numbers found on the board

    Understanding Some Strategy Before Spinning the Wheel

    The game of Roulette is very simple and requires a whole lot of luck. There is a well-known saying that the wheel has no memory. However, over the years some methods have been concocted to increase the chances of a win. Try out the following for a potential pay out.

  • Lots of the online casinos will offer their players some free spins before they get started for real, why not take advantage of this and get to know the rules before betting with your own money.
  • Sometimes less is more. We recommend when you start out, try placing smaller bets to get yourself familiar with the game.
  • Why not try placing an outside bet? The outside bet consists of the numbers outside of the central number bets on the table and although they have a lower pay out, have a higher probability of turning up. If you don’t have lots of experience, the low risk wagers like outside bets are safer.


Newbies v Veterans Strategies To Try Out

For a Roulette beginner, the Martingale strategy is highly recommended. Put simply, the player doubles their bet each time they lose until they win a game, then the system will reset itself. Bearing this in mind, some of the Roulette tables will have a betting limit in place so this strategy may only be used for so long. It is suggested this strategy works because; even if the player is on a losing streak, it has to end eventually and even out.

Been around the Roulette block? You may want to try out some of the advanced strategies. One of these includes the Paroli Strategy. Flip the Martingale strategy on its head and you’ve got the Paroli. The player will double their stake each time they win as opposed to lose. With this particular process, it may be a good idea to put a limit in place so you don’t spend a vast quantity of cash.

The Red Bet is also a very common strategy for players of all levels to use. This strategy relies on the theory that users are more inclined to bet on red numbers. For this to work, the player doubles the red while betting consistently on the black. For the first round, you are to bet on a red number and then the black, while continuing to double the red. This method allows the player to disperse their wagers while keeping a constant probability.

Top Tips to Bear in Mind for Your Roulette Gameplay

There’s two main variants of Roulette; European and American. The chances of winning are increased while playing the European version as the American has an extra ‘00’, while there’s only one ‘0’ on the European version. This equates to European Roulette having 37 pockets while the American variant has 38. The ‘House Edge’ is a real thing. Over the years, people have fought to find a way to beat this or slim the odds but as creative as they may be, the house edge will always be in existence.

It’s always recommended you make yourself familiar with terms and conditions before playing. When it comes to online casinos and their welcome bonuses, they usually require you to wager a certain amount before you can take home any winnings. Is there a particular number that you consider lucky? It’s pretty enticing to pick your number and use it consistently. It’s important to be aware that the single-bet digits have much lower odds. Although you may consider that to be a safe bet, betting on low/high, even/odd or black/red in fact offers better odds. Shop around, we’ve mentioned some really good sites in our list and each offer different games from different software providers.

Take a Look at Our Roulette Index for an Informed Gaming Experience

Understanding the language makes life easier when playing Roulette. You wouldn’t start any other game without having done some research on the lingo, so Roulette shouldn’t be any different. Similar to any other table game, there are some choice phrases and below we have made a list of some terminology you should make yourself familiar with before diving into the table game world.

Bankroll – The quantity of cash the player has set aside to play with
Backtrack – Also called the ball track, this is the outer rim in which the ball circles
Chameleon – This strategy involves studying a winning players behaviour and adopting their methods
Visual Wheel Tracking – The ability to determine where the ball will land by looking at it
Wheel Head – The section of the wheel which has numbered pockets
A Wheel Roller – Also known as a croupier/dealer
Black Bet – Where the player bets on the upcoming number being black

Read Our Informative List of Roulette FAQ’s

Where did Roulette originate?
This is a tricky one and heavily disputed. Historians suggest that the concept of Roulette appeared on the scene as long ago as the Medieval times. It is most commonly believed that Roulette was discovered by a French mathematician, Scientist and Inventor named Blaise Pascal in 1655 where he intended creating a motion device.

Is the site I’m using safe?
If you are using any of the sites that we at Top New Online casinos have recommended, you can be sure that they’re safe. If you’re searching online for other casinos, check if they have an SSL encryption in place, which is signified by the https as a prefix in the URL usually accompanied by a padlock symbol. On top of this, check if they have a valid online gambling licence from associations such as the Gambling Commission UK.

What is the difference between European and American Roulette?
There is very little separating the two. The only difference that can be found is the presence of an additional ‘00’ on the American wheel. The European has a single ‘0’, while the American has that single 0 as well as 00.

How do I know that the games I’m playing are fair and random?
If you are registered with a licenced company, then you can be sure they have Random Number Generators in place. The regulated sites are regularly audited by testing agencies, so they have to prove a fair standard of gaming. If you’re playing Live Casino Roulette, you can see the croupier in real time, so this is proof in itself. There is usually a live chat function to speak with the dealer as well, which confirms it is in fact being played in real-time.

What are the odds of winning? 
This all stems down to how many bets you wish to make. Are you going for a single or split bet? If you stake a single bet your chances are (in European Roulette) 37/1. If you win, you’ll find yourself with a win of 36 times your wager. The split bet consists of two numbers, so your chances are a bit higher with 2/37. Betting on a colour means your odds are increased, because you’ve bet on an entire colour then your odds are 18/37. The corner bet allows the punter to place chips on any four adjoining numbers which makes you four times more likely of winning.

Is there software required to play Roulette online? 
Many online casinos allow the user to play straight from their site as they offer instant play, meaning no software is necessary. People often choose to go to their app store and download an app, so it is immediately accessible once they open their mobile device.

Customer Support Teams
When using online casinos, we always recommend using sites that have a strong customer support service in place. When it comes to withdrawing and depositing cash online, sometimes issues can arise. As a result, the best online casinos have customer representatives who are available to assist you with your queries. When finding the right casino for you, it is advisable to source a casino that has a team who are on call 24/7 or at least 24/5. Along with this, the more contact tools that are made available to you the better. Look out for casinos who offer Skype, telephone, email or live chat as a means of contact.

Payment Methods
When determining which online casino is most suited to you, make sure to check their payment options. Most sites will accept the major cards like debit and credit cards and others will accept online payments such as PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. If you land on a casino you like and find out they don’t support your form of payment you’re back to the drawing board.

Safe, Secure and Fair Standard of Gaming
Your experience reflects on the team at Top New Online Casinos. Due to this, we endeavour to provide you with the safest and most secure sites on the market. Take for an example Hello Casino, who are eCOGRA certified. This means their pay-outs are regularly passed on to a testing agency who will audit them. Casino of Dreams are also a safe environment to gamble, once you see that http prefix in the URL, you know you’re safe.

How to practice Responsible Gambling
The use of online casinos has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, and with the introduction of mobile casinos and Live Casino games, it’s expected to continue its expansion. Engaging in online or land casino use can result in hours of entertainment as well as being exceptionally profitable for players. Although the positives seem endless, it’s necessary to remember that casino use can have a negative impact if abused or not participated in responsibly.

To avoid the occurrence of problem gambling, we recommend implementing precautionary measures such as wagering limits. Allocating yourself an allowance per day or week will mean you’re conscious of your spending routine. Some online casinos, on request, will lock you out of your account once you’ve reached your quota. Teamed with these limits, it’s never advised to engage in casino use while under the influence of an intoxicant such as alcohol or feeling overwhelmed with emotion. The onus is on online casinos to fully inform their customers how to gamble responsibly.