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Online Slots at the Best New UK Casinos

The online casino phenomenon has grown at an uncontrollable rate, and UK players are eager to find the best new online casinos that offer them new online slots. That’s where Top New Online Casinos come in. We’ve searched high and low for new UK slots that will provide you with hours of entertainment at some of the most reputable and entertaining UK casinos.
We’re experts in the online casino industry. We research and test the casinos, we play the games and we look for feedback from our readers to find out which of the top UK Casinos are offering the best online slots playing experience. If you’re new to slots, we’ve put together some tips and advice on how you can start spinning the reels today.

Beginners Guide to Online Slot Machines

Who doesn’t love new slots? They are one of the simplest casino games around, and can lead to some astronomical wins that have been known to change lives. Veteran online casino users and newbies are drawn to online slots because they’re both profitable and exciting.

Firstly, make sure to choose an online casino that appeals to you, whether you think the theme is awesome or the welcome package has reeled you in. We suggest you check out our new casino guide, to get some tips on spotting a good casino site.

Even though slots are pretty straightforward, take some time to make yourself familiar with the basic rules of each individual game. To improve your chances of winning when you play new UK slots we recommend, why not learn some simple strategy? Set aside some time to help yourself understand the basic rules slot games. This could see you walk away a whole lot wealthier. Here’s a list of some of the common slot game terms and what they mean.

Glossary of Slot Terms

BankRoll – A gambler’s budget; money set aside for a specific duration of casino gambling.
Bonus – A game feature activated by a specific sequence or number of symbols which rewards the player with prizes like credits or free spins.
Coin Size (also Credit size) – An amount of money representing the cost of a single credit bet for a specific slot machine.
Hit – This is a slang term commonly used to describe any slot machine pay out.
Hit Frequency – An estimate of the ratio of winning spins to losing spins for a particular machine; slots with a high hit frequency pay out more often than those with a low one.
Hold Percentage – A number representing the portion of player bets that a particular machine is designed to win; the opposite of payout percentage.
Low Level – Machines with a stool or chair attached allowing players to sit while they gamble.
Max Bet – This number represents the largest amount that can be wagered on a single spin; most modern games have a button on the display that automatically places a wager of this size.
Multiplier – This symbol increases a payout by a fixed amount, indicated by a number and the letter x, as in “5x.”
Multi-Line Slots – Slot machines with more than one pay line; bettors can choose to activate one line or additional ones, each with a separate wager.
One-Armed Bandit – Slang for slot machine; the game itself is the bandit while the lever used to set the reels in motion is the bandit’s “arm.”
Payback Percentage – A theoretical number indicating what portion of bets placed on a machine gets returned to players as winnings given an infinite amount of time.
Pay Line – An imaginary line on which reel symbols appear used to determine pay outs. These lines may be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or laid out in any pattern as described by the machine’s pay table and rules.
Payout – What you receive from your winning combination
Paytable – The name for the list of winning combinations, payouts, bonus rewards, rules for progressive jackpots, wilds, and other jackpots. This table is usually located on the front of a game’s case or displayed on the main screen.
Progressive Jackpot – A prize amount that grows over time as gamblers place bets on other machines in the same network; rather than rewarding a fixed amount, this jackpot gets larger and larger until it is won then resets to a fixed minimum amount and starts to grow larger again.
Random Number Generator – The part of the computer brain of modern games which selects random numbers that determine the position of the game’s reels.
Reel – A horizontal line that spins and displays symbols; these symbols are used to determine winnings.
Scatter symbol – The scatter is the highest valued symbol and leads you to a land of bonuses
Slot Machines – Phrase used by most of the world for games known as pokies or fruit machines in the UK and Oceania.
Static Jackpot – This type of prize rewards a fixed number of credits; the opposite of a progressive jackpot.
Symbols – Images on specific positions on a slot machine’s reels; combinations of these images are used to determine wins.
Wild symbol – The Wild can substitute another symbol to create the winning combination

Now you Start Playing

Your next move? Place your stake (bet, wager). When you set up, you can decide the number of lines you’d like to play along with the number of coins you’re willing to wager on each line. There are new UK slots out there that cater for every kind of bankroll, anything from £0.01 all the way up to £200 and more. The amount you’re willing to deposit at an online casino will give you more chances at winning a massive prize. In other words, the bigger the better when it comes to slots. But the beauty of these games, especially progressive slot games, is the fact that you could potentially win a huge prize with just a minimum deposit and one spin.

It’s time to spin and win. Once you’ve found your preferred casino slots game, all that’s required of you is to press the ‘spin’ button. Each specific game will show you if, and how you won your prize. Don’t forget, all these regulated sites operate through a Random Number Generator (RNG), so these slots are of a fair standard. RNG technology is in place at all our recommended new slots sites to provide each UK player with a game that’s completely random and fair. Using a mathematical equation known as an algorithm, a slot game will land on a particular number that determines the winner of the game.

New Online Slots – What UK Players Want

Most UK online casino users are looking for the thrill that can only be found through a real money wager. New UK slots on the market allow for a lot of fun, but why not add to the excitement with a potential payout? Below are some pieces of advice we offer to move you that step closer to those big cash prizes while playing some of the new online slots that feature at our recommended sites.

Excellent Welcome Bonus

Isn’t everyone searching for that awesome welcome package? It’s quite common for online casinos to offer a number of free spins as part of the welcome bonus. It’s a great way to get you familiar with the workings of the new slots. Combined with this, the bonus will always either match or double your first deposit so you can enjoy your favourite games. For example, many new UK casinos offer a 100% match bonus. If you’ve deposited £100, you will get £100 from the online casino as well. This means you’re starting your casino adventure with £200. These match bonuses will often have a maximum deposit. Essentially, you’re getting free cash to spend. Take Video Slots as an example. If you choose to register with one of these sites, you get a 100% match bonus for anything up to £200. You can utilise this bonus the minute you make your first deposit. You will need to playthrough your deposit 20 times before making any withdrawals. If you deposited £100 and the playthrough is 20, then you need to wager £2,000 before retrieving your winnings. It’s still important to remember you’re essentially getting free cash to spend while playing casino games.

Free Spins

Online casinos will regularly offer you free spins just to whet your appetite and get you to spin and deposit at their sites. You don’t usually get to keep any cash you accrue from your free spins. So, when you make a deposit you get to spin and keep any of those winnings. However, we highly recommend trying out some free spins before you deposit cash, especially if you’re new to a game or casino. This allows you to get a grasp of the rules and how to play online slots effectively and profitably.

Keep a lookout for promotions

Online casinos are constantly competing with one another, because of this they need to be ahead of the posse with the brightest bonuses and promotions, especially when it comes to slots as brand new slots appear online every day. On offer, there’ll be free spins, prizes and other attractive incentives. These have a habit of disappearing pretty quickly, so the sharper your reaction and the sooner you spot these, the more it’ll pay off.

Picking Progressive Slots

Progressive jackpots, such as NetEnt’s Mega Joker or Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, are suited to UK players searching for a six figure payout who love online slots. Progressive jackpots have the appearance and traits of a slot machine. Each time a player deposits a coin, a percentage of that coin goes towards the jackpot which keeps accumulating until the RNG determines a winner. There’s really no strategy behind winning a progressive jackpot, it will keep growing and can result in a jackpot of millions. In other words, there’s no way you can determine when the next big win is coming. Don’t waste your time attempting to implement strategy, slot games are based on sheer luck.

Some Slots FAQ’s

Some say practice makes perfect, but knowledge is key. So, putting in a little initiative and doing your research could pay off in the long run. Take a look at some of the most common FAQ’s below where we have listed some comprehensive and cohesive answers.

What is the difference between video and classic slots

If you have a love for the traditional land-based casino or feeling nostalgic, the ‘one-armed bandit’ is calling out your name. The classic slots at online casinos nowadays are the basic three reels with one payline design. Once a payout comes along, they’re usually fairly hefty. Video slots, including titles such as Microgaming’s new 108 Heroes, Aloha Cluster Pays and Avalon II, are the offspring of a progressive and classic slot. They will generally come with five reels and numerous paylines. The video slots usually appeal to people’s senses as they are often themed, have flashy graphics and background music. They’re often branded as well, meaning you can come across some themes like Gladiator, Halloween, Beverley Hills 90210 and so on.

What does ‘high volatility’ and ‘low volatility’ mean

Low volatility slots offer a steadier but smaller win while the high volatile slots are a case of, will they won’t they. So, you could be waiting a substantial length of time for that payout.

What’s an RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player and is a guideline as to how much the player is expected to win, this however is descriptive of the player over time and not over hours, minutes or days. This shouldn’t be a deciding factor in your choice of game, as the term ‘over time’ is undeterminable.

What does auto play mean?

Feeling a bit lazy? Well that’s when the auto play kicks in. The auto play feature will do all the reel spinning for you. You can set the game up so it spins 10,15, 20 times and upwards. The game operates by itself until you land on a bonus feature. Then it’s time to take the reins.

Payment Methods

When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, Top New Online Casino know you don’t want any hassle. That’s why our recommended sites generally accept all major credit and debit cards. On top of this they will usually accept payment options such as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal. Find the site that offers the right payment option for you, it’s easier to check this out before you fall in love with a particular site and realise their methods don’t suit you.

Should I play casino slots at new or old online casinos?

Whether you play at a new or old online casino will be a product of your own preference. Here at Top New Online Casinos, we’re big fans of new online casinos, especially new UK slots. Many will argue that older online casinos are more reliable, but from experience, we’ve learned that new online casinos can offer better slot bonuses and promotions. The new online casino sites know that the market is competitive and so, they’re constantly updating their casino games to provide you with the top slots.

Customer Service

When choosing an online casino, always register with a site that offers excellent customer service. Issues can arise while depositing or withdrawing cash online. The top sites will provide the player with a customer service team who’re available to assist with your queries. It’s preferential a site offers 24/7 customer service, however, some provide very informative and helpful customer service during designated hours. Some of the newest online casinos offer customer support during a specific period. Once they’ve established themselves, online casinos typically extend those hours, to 24/7. In particular, we recommend looking for a number of communication tools. This indicates a site is exceptionally reliable. Check the customer support section for platforms such as email, phone, live chat and instant messaging services. Take one of our favourite new slots provider, Slots Heaven for example. The professional and informed team can be contacted 24/7 and can be reached via email or phone call.

Security and Safety

Online casino use is hugely popular among UK players. When enjoying the games, it’s vital that you only participate in games that are on sites belonging to respected and well-established companies. We recommend participating in game play where the site is SSL encrypted. SSL encryption is signified by the https prefix within the URL next to a small padlock.


Online Slots are a worldwide past-time and the popularity of these have only increased thanks to the availability of games at online and mobile casinos. The team at Top New Online Casinos know that UK players are huge fans of new slots. Because of this, we’ve sourced the best slots that are on the UK market. When sourcing an online casino to enjoy slots, take our tips and guidelines into account. Pay close attention to the welcome bonus on offer, promotions, customer service, selection of new slots and whether or not it’s certified by eCOGRA or the Gambling Commission.

Responsible Gambling

The use of online casinos has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, and with the introduction of mobile casinos and Live Casino games, it’s expected to continue its expansion. Engaging in online or land casino use can result in hours of entertainment as well as being exceptionally profitable for players. Although the positives seem endless, it’s necessary to remember that casino use can have a negative impact if abused or not participated in responsibly. To avoid the occurrence of problem gambling, we recommend implementing precautionary measures such as wagering limits. Allocating yourself an allowance per day or week will mean you’re conscious of your spending routine. Some online casinos, on request, will lock you out of your account once you’ve reached your quota. Teamed with these limits, it’s never advised to engage in casino use while under the influence of an intoxicant such as alcohol or feeling overwhelmed with emotion. The onus is on land and online casinos as well as sportsbooks to fully inform their customers how to gamble responsibly.