Using iOS for Mobile Casino

Mobile casino has developed greatly over the years – so you no longer need to worry about poor connection, glitches or lack of bonus features. If it’s on desktop, it’s on mobile! Brace yourself and get gaming.

Why Choose iPhone?

More often than not, it’s a case of choice. Whether you use iOS or Android, either will claim their platform is of better quality. Users of iPhone can utilise their iPad to enjoy hours of endless casino fun in a screen larger than their iPhone. If the game is available via iPhone, it can be downloaded or accessed via the iPad. There’s a number of elements that influence a player’s choice, such as;

  • A sleek, high-class touch that iPhone offers for a sublime mobile casino gaming experience
  • A vast selection of casino apps specific to the iPhone that provide outstanding graphics teamed with many real-cash prizes
  • Mobility. Gamers are glued to their iPhones on a daily basis, so why not integrate it with their past-time



Why Mobile Casino?

Mobile casino provides each player with an individual experience. Mobile casinos are so attractive because of the convenience. There were some who doubted the ability of designers to make an app that would provide images and graphics as clear as those found at online casinos. When determining whether a site is up to scratch or not with regard it’s graphics, consider looking at the pixel density. This is known as the DPI. A high-quality game typically has between 250-300 DPI, with some going as high as 400.
Mobile casinos provide the player with almost every feature that can be found at an online casino with the added bonus of being able to use on the go. Currently, there’s more options for Android players to engage in real money gambling. Many countries around the world cannot access real money gambling apps through their app store. As UK customers, you’ve access to iOS real money gambling apps. This is thanks to recent updates made by iPhone. Customers based in the UK, France and Ireland can download real money gambling apps.


There’s a great game selection available at most mobile casinos. You can find everything from Baccarat to Slots. It’s recommended you research each mobile site before registering. This is because slots are restricted at certain sites. This is due to the processing requirements with specific sites. You can however, expect to come across a vast volume of your favourite table games. This includes; Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and video poker. So, there’s very little you can’t do. When landing on a mobile casino, check out their software providers to ensure a reliable flow of material such as; Microgaming, NetEnt, NYX and Play ‘n Go, for a top-notch gaming experience at your preferred site.

Welcome Bonuses

The welcome packages are just as important for mobile users as they are online casino players. The majority of mobile casinos will offer similar offers to their online casino counterpart. Welcome packages for mobile casinos usually consist of plenty of extra spins along with ‘match bonuses’, up to a certain amount.

Match Bonus

The infamous match bonus is available at mobile and online casinos. When you register with a mobile casino, your welcome package will typically offer you a match bonus. This is a 100% bonus on your first deposit. So, if you deposit £100 to start with, the casino will match this. This means you’re starting your casino adventure with £200. Most mobile casinos will offer you between two and three bonuses. So, with your first three deposits, the site will offer you a bonus of some percentage. Usually, your second bonus will be between 50%-75%. Your third and final bonus will be between 50%-100% depending on the casino.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus will typically appear in your inbox. The casino, who acknowledges your customer loyalty, wants to give something back. Having made a deposit, the casino will give you a bonus of anything up to 100%. Sometimes, you’ll be expected to use this bonus at particular games at the casino.

Wagering Requirements

Whether you play at an online or mobile casino, with a welcome bonus, there will probably be a wagering requirement. For example, if you’ve deposited £100 and the play through is x20 you’ll need to spend to the value of £2,000 before you can make any withdrawals. These measurements are in place to protect the casino from being hoodwinked by players.

Download Methods

There’s a number of ways in which you can play at mobile casinos, below we’ve listed the most common ways gamers engage in mobile casino games.

Download the App

Download the app – This is considered to be the most common method. All that is required of the gamer is to visit their app store and source the app they want to play. Once downloaded, an icon to represent that site should appear on your homepage which you can use at your leisure. Apps have typically been the preferred way to utilise mobile casino. In recent months, iOS altered some rules they had in place. Previously, consumers couldn’t download real money gambling apps through the app store. Now, iOS will allow consumers from Ireland, the UK and France to download real money gambling apps. A definite game changer.

Play Through the Browser

Play through the browser – Many players tend to be swayed towards the browser if their device doesn’t have a large volume of space designated to apps. Playing through the browser is simple. Search for the casino and register. You may have to search for the mobile tab within the site, while others will direct you to the mobile version immediately. At one point, using your browser was considered less smooth and slower. However, with the introduction of HTML 5 technology, it’s now exceptionally sufficient to play mobile casino through your browser.

Payment Methods

The bonus with mobile casino apps? There’s a number of these casinos that require no payment or deposits. With this in mind, if you’re playing for free, that means you aren’t earning any money either. It may appear on the site, but it is just letting the player know what they could potentially be winning. If you’re looking for real money bets, you need to make deposits. The website will usually accept payment in the form of major credit or debit cards like MasterCard and Visa or via online payment options like Skrill, PayPal and Neteller.
Debit and credit cards are typically the most common way to withdraw and deposit. This is because it’s immediate. Similar to this, e-Wallets like Skrill and Neteller is instant and allows the player to start their game instantly. Some mobile casino players don’t like relaying their card details to an internet server, for these people, you can use a cash transfer. A cash transfer can take more than an hour to hit your account for a deposit. You’re also required to pay a visit to a bank or financial institute if this is the method you choose.

Safety & Security

Your security should be of paramount importance when choosing a mobile casino. Using a mobile device doesn’t mean you should compromise your security. The sites we recommend are all either licenced by some Gambling Authority or certified by testing agencies like eCOGRA. All this ensures your personal account details are safe and aren’t at risk of online fraud. If a site holds a licence from eCOGRA, this means they’re promoting a fair gaming standard. To hold this licence, they must submit their results to be audited regularly. Once you’ve determined your mobile casino is promoting a fair game, check out its security measures. Our main recommendation is looking at the URL. Simple but effective. For a site to be considered safe, there should be a HTTPS prefix within the URL. As well as this, you can expect to see a small padlock symbol. If this isn’t visible at your online casino, chances are their mobile counterpart won’t be safe either.

Customer Support

Customer service reflects on a website or app. Customer support at a mobile casino is just as important as an online casino. When sourcing a mobile casino site, it’s important to carefully scrutinise their customer support credentials. How many hours of the day they are open? What communication tools they use? If they tick the box for all these elements, you can be sure they’re a safe site you can be comfortable registering with.
For example, one of our most recommended sites, Slots Heaven operated 24/7. You can reach the team of competent representatives through a number of their international phone numbers or email. Along with this, they offer a very informative list of FAQ’s. These FAQ’s usually cuts out the middle man.


Ultimately, whether you choose Android or iOS is subjective. With the recent changes made by iOS to real money gambling apps, it’s expected more casino users will happily use iOS. Most importantly, when using a mobile device, ensure your internet connectivity is powerful. Without this connection, your game won’t work as well.

Responsible Gambling

The use of online casinos has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, and with the introduction of mobile casinos and Live Casino games, it’s expected to continue its expansion. Engaging in online or land casino use can result in hours of entertainment as well as being exceptionally profitable for players. Although the positives seem endless, it’s necessary to remember that casino use can have a negative impact if abused or not participated in responsibly.
To avoid the occurrence of problem gambling, we recommend implementing precautionary measures such as wagering limits. Allocating yourself an allowance per day or week will mean you’re conscious of your spending routine. Some online casinos, on request, will lock you out of your account once you’ve reached your quota. It’s never advised to engage in casino use while under the influence of an intoxicant such as alcohol or feeling overwhelmed with emotion. The onus is on the online casinos to fully inform their customers how to gamble responsibly.